The Secret Handshake

Canada's first and only schizophrenia peer support program
created by and for people with schizophrenia

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Lisa Brown RN
Executive Director, Workman Arts, Rendezvous with Madness film festival, Center for Addiction and Mental Health Toronto

Cyril Greenland PhD
Author, Archivist, Museum of Mental Health Services Toronto

Dr. Mary Seeman MDCM, FRCPC, DSC
Professor Emerita Dept. of Psychiatry U of T

Paula Podolski MSW, RSW
Administrative Director, Assessment & Reintegration Program (ARP) Whitby Mental Health Centre

Thomas Ban MD, FRCP
Emeritus Professor of Psychiatry at Vanderbilt, Author, Editor

David Healy MD, FRCPsych
North Wales Department of Psychological Medicine, Author

Rohan Ganguli MD, FRCP(C)
Professor of Psychiatry and Canada Research Chair U of T

Gary Bell
Audiovisual Review Committee Co-ordinator, the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health Library

Molyn Leszcz MD, FRCPC

Mary Alberty
Exectutive Director Schizophrenia Sociey of Ontario

The Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH) recognizes the value of our activities and has provided some support. However, we are not part of CAMH.

the secret handshake was
conceived and founded by
jordan stone 1999

Persons with schizophrenia who made an important contribution to society

Syd Barrett
Musician and founding member of Pink Floyd

Virgina Woolf

Pablo Picasso